High Flyer Death Defyer

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Designed to take advantage of the mobile platforms' accelerometer technology, High Flyer Death Defyer is a frantically-paced, comic book art style sky diving action game that drops players through floating cities while avoiding death traps, collecting treasures, and screaming past gargantuan mechanically augmented monsters.
High Flyer Death Defyer isn't just giving the dictionary the finger – gravity's being kicked to the curb, too. Game Mechanic Studios is putting the finishing touches on a new free-falling game for both iOS and Android. As you plummet from the heavens, you drop through gleaming techno-cities, flying monsters, and more. Tilt your device not only to avoid crashes, but also pick up bonuses during your mad descent.

High Flyer Death Defyer features 30 free-falling stages. As it grows more challenging, new threats emerge such as blades, guns, and lightning clouds. So, not only is the goal to collect as much treasure as possible, but also to stay alive.