Spongebobs Atlantis Squarepantis SquareOff

Spongebobs Atlantis Squarepantis SquareOff is New Games Spongebob Squarepants by Nickelodeon.
in this Games
  • Beautiful graphics, 
  • Original game play you provided! 

Mission in this Games <step 1>  Spongebob missions to Join SpongeBob and the rest of Bikini Bottom in a fun card-battle game
<step 2> Spongebob Help stop Plankton and his army of goons from taking over the world
<step 3> you can  Call in Mr. Krabs, Patrick, or Mermaidman for backup
<step 4> on missions Win or buy cards to build the ultimate SpongeBob deck Simple and fun for kids of all ages!

Game Description Help SpongeBob SquarePants foil Plankton once again in SpongeBob Atlantis SquareOff, a kid-friendly card-battle game featuring all your friends from Bikini Bottom!

System requirements: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
File: 26 MB / exe
On the story: Spongebobs Atlantis Squarepantis SquareOff. SpongeBob and Patrick are in Jellyfish Fields blowing bubbles. Patrick tries to take pictures of the bubbles but they keep popping before the picture is taken. SpongeBob decides to blow a bubble that would last all day. SpongeBob blows a bubble that engulfs them both, and carries them into a nearby cave. The bubble suddenly pops as it makes impact with an ancient piece of gold. Eager to discover what exactly it is, they take it to the Bikini Bottom Museum where they (literally) run into Squidward. At first, Squidward thinks that SpongeBob and Patrick were planning on stealing the first half of the amulet which is housed in the museum, but upon attempting to return it to its spot realizes that what Patrick and SpongeBob had was in fact the missing half. At this point, both Mr Krabs and Sandy join them. The pieces of gold are then reunited which summons a luxurious bus