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Top 7 Nickelodeon games of the most favored child 

Number 7. King Julien Boogie Madagascar

King Julien Boogie Games
King Julien Boogie Games
King Julien Boogie Games The Penguins of Madagascar, Nickelodeon games. King Julien Boogie dance game is so funny and humorous. the dance that has the interior United States. or madascar very famous island.
Julien is one of the characters in the film "The pinguin Madagascar the series" watch on Nickelodeon.
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Number 6. Valentines Day Virus

Valentines Day Virus Games, spongebob squarepants Games.
Plankton is the mortal enemy Mr.Krab often troublesome.
Plankton hates love.
in his heart of hatred.
how he should get out of the labyrinth of love?
this time she must fight to keep out of the labyrinth of love, good luck
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Number 5. Spongebob party popper

Number 4. iCarly Skit Scavenger

iCarly Skit Scavenger,on nickelodeon nice games.
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Number 3. Pool Party Popper

Pool Party Popper, spongebob squarepant games.Spongbob and patrick talk about on a beach. he should apply sunscreen to the beach visitors (human fish) to prevent burning. patrick as a shark, if a human fish will burns it attack patrick. very funny this Nickelodeon games
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Number 2. Reef Rumble - Spongebob Squarepants

Reef Rumble - Spongebob Squarepants Fighting games.
character is a resident of a bikini bottom, with spongebob and his friends will fight until your blood runs out. This is a very great game favorites
FaceOff at Five Fathoms! Bikini bottom's greates (and not-sogreates) martial artist have gathered to choose ocean floor suprema-seal! keep in mind, no eye-gouging or tentacle biting. now let's rumble!Reef Rumble - Spongebob Squarepants
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Number 1. Block Party

Block Party spongebob, is My Favorite games.
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