How To Play Tintin Au Tibet

How To Play Tintin In tibet games this Reviews and tutorial about tintin, are you watching New movie in teater?  The Adventures of Tintin: the Secret of the Unicorn    but this is a game adapted from the movie. from play nickeloden games.

Tintin Graphics Games
Tintin Graphics In tibet games  Games  are one of the better parts of this game. The creators have tried to mimic the style of the old Tintin comics, and it is very beautiful.

Since the game follows the comic, over half of the levels are in some way based on mountain environments. Still, it never feels like it's repeating itself that much, and you'll never get a feeling that a new level you come to is just a re-hash of an earlier.

The problem with the graphics, though, is that sometimes it's unclear what's an item you can pick up or an enemy and what's just a background object. So while the graphics are good looking, they sometimes overshadow the gameplay, which is not a good thing.


Tintin In tibet games  Tintin is on holiday with captain Haddock in Switzerland. They are at their hotel when they learn that a DC3 of the line Patna-Katmandu has crashed during a storm in the mountains near Gosainthan. Some time later, he recieves a letter from Tchang, a friend who he rescued from drowning when he travelled in China. Tchang tells him that he's coming to Europe, after a short stop in Katmandu. To his horror, Tintin realises that Tchang is one of the persons on the crashed plane. There is little or no hope of finding them alive. Tintin can't give up on his friend and decides to go to Tibet to search for Tchang In Tintin tibet games ...

THE KEYS Controls Tintin In tibet games

Here, we come to the more depressing part of the review. The controls and gampeplay really aren't what you'd want them to be.

The game has one special thing that was pretty much used in ads when it was released, and it's the ability to walk up "towards the screen", as a way to avoid enemies in the background. I like it, since it feels very fresh, but what's a bit sad with it is that it's only used in the first three levels, then it's completely forgotten about until the penultimate level. It's a cool feature, and one they really managed to pull off, so I really would have liked to see it some more Tintin In tibet games  .

Other than that, the controls can be described as a little slow. Especially the jumping can be hard to get a grip of, but thankfully there aren't a lot of death-defying jumps over endless pits. But at those places there are, you better watch your step carefullyTintin In tibet games .

Another control problem is that at some points in the game, it is pretty unclear how to do a specific thing. In one level you have to use a rope to swing over a gap. While I can get Tintin to attach to the rope most of the time, I still haven't figured out what button to press to make him let go of it. About 75% of the time, I end up on the same ledge I jumped from Play Tintin In tibet games .

At another place, you have to use an iceaxe while jumping from a ledge. Normally, using it means that you stand against a wall and press left/right to attach it. Here it doesn't work, and you're left with trial and error until you manage to get it right. Before you mention itP lay Tintin In tibet games , no, these examples are not in the instruction booklet Tintin In tibet games  .

C - For running

V - For jumping

Spacebar - For lifting things

Down key - Coming towards the screen/For lifting things

Return key - For selecting/Turning pages

Left key - Left

Right key - Right



IBM PC or 100% compatible (486DX33 min.)

Hard Dish: 6 MB free space


CD-ROM Drive

Sound Blaster or 100% compatible Sound card.

Joystick (opitional)


95 IBM PC or 100% Compatible (486DX2/66 min.)

Hard disk: 6 MB Free Space

8 MB of RAM (16 MB Recommended)

CD-Rom drive Windows 95 Compatible

Sound card OS: Windows 95 Mouse

Joystick (optional)


Code 1 - 315

Code 2 - 907

Code 3 - 623

A new adventure in the heart of Andes

A thousand curses!

On their return from Peru, some explorers have been struck down by a bizarre illness. The cause is rumoured to be a mysterious mummy... When Professor Calculus disappears in strange circumstances, Tintin decides to investigate. From the port of Westermouth to high up in the Andes, he will need to solve riddle upon riddle if his enquiries are to continue. Your adventures in the land of the Incas will be full of tough mental challenges and packed with action. So are you ready to visit the Temple of the Sun?

A rich and varied game

True to Hergé's comic books, "The Seven Crystal Balls" and "Prisoners of the Sun", both in terms of story-line and graphic detail.

More than 20 completely different screens:

take part in a car chase,visit the port of Bridgeport

, discover Jauga (in Peru),fight your way through the Peruvian jungle

, get swept away by a condor, escape an avalanche and find the Temple of the Sun

Rich and varied gameplay: platform, action, thought-provoking puzzles

Yet more animations and possible actions: take items, push them, throw them, trigger off mechanisms and much, much more.

Very progressive difficulty levels

Technical innovations: screens in 3D perspective (the avalanche, the train, the car chase, etc). Impressively large Bosses (the snake, the condor)

Game in 4 languages: english, french, german, spanish.

System Requirements

486 DX2 66 MHz

8 MB RAM, 15 MB Hard Disk Space

VGA 256 color

CD-ROM Drive

SoundBlaster Card

Windows 95

TINTIN / Play Tintin In tibet games- Prisoners of the Sun

True to Herge's comic books. Both in terms of storyline and graphic detail, this game is rich and varied gameplay. Full of action and brain-teasing puzzles. Kids will love this game and so will fans of  TintinTintin In tibet games  .